About Me

I just turned 25 when I cut the ties with my family and culture and move away from the island of Sardinia to the island of Manhattan, becoming in just a few years a successful dancer in the city. Life offered me amazing opportunities to shine and besides dancing on the broadway production of West Side Story, or touring with Latoya Jackson, I had many incredible experiences with a lot of companies and projects, I was versatile, technical, extra expressive and creative. From the beginning of my carrier I also taught and choreographed, I soon was hired by some the most renowned dance studios in NYC to teach my own idiosyncratic dance classes. I was very successful so that I found my own dance company and began setting my own productions. Every thing was fantastic, until in a few minutes all that ended.

this is me in the European tour of Latoya Jackson in 1991

I was only 28 when I was forced to a stop by a non-so-common form of lymphatic cancer that made a definite stop on my dance dream. after that, i was left with no dancing body, no work, no money, no energy, no place to be in life e saddest of all i had no self-love left.

My movement, restricted by the physical pain, became minimal and introverted, i could not dance anymore. I could only remember the sensation from inside. The sensation of dancing. So, slowly and tiny I began translating my emotions into minimalistic movement allowing me to release them, not like a dancer, but as a person. Relearning how to move became my focal point. understand movement as a self expression and was soothing to the physical and emotional pain, it allowed me to understand that I could initiate self-healing, The dance of my emotions appeared. I began to allow my inner inner narrative to express through movement, and that helped me in the process of healing. It became my new skill. Click here to know more about Modern dance, choreography & teaching

Since the event of cancer, i learned to really give priority to what is really important in life. Movement, self healing, sexuality, art & nature are the areas where I have in the past 28 years put major investment of time, resources and passion in order to re-create a life that is more and more integrated with my true self. The integration of all the parts of myself, physical, mental & emotional,, and also the integration of all those parts of myself that often work in conflict, is the my higher intent in life.

I offer you guidance a skill in each of those field of interest. All field are separate yet interconnect, working on one field naturally will bring you to full expansion and awareness of the others.

MOVEMENT I.M. Introspective Movement

SELF HEALING Yoga, self-reflexology, physical conditioning & self-fascia work.

SEXUALITY Sexual energy, polarities & intimacy

NATURE Retreat center for creative expression & healing