Make of your BODY your BEST FRIEND!

Hi, I’m Guido Tuveri. I guide men and women in their 40’s-50’s that feel uncomfortable in their bodies, to regain confidence, power and flexibility through the practice of simple and conscious movement, while Increasing their levels of energy, the capacity to rest beautifully, realize an harmonious physical communication with the others and finally ,I teach them how to create and maintain their unique daily routine to manifest the body they always wanted to have.

In my personal sessions, I use simple movements and guided relaxations to help you gain a more complete and nuanced ergonomic understanding of your body. Very soon you will find your body expanding and relaxing, as your spine lengthens and you become more upright. Not only will you be on the road to achieving your optimum physical reality, but you will quickly discover what is impeding you from being present, receptive, and at ease with others. 

Having experienced and absorbed many different teachings, I feel confident that the method of coaching I have evolved will help you identify and resolve physical and emotional damage, achieving increased self-confidence, more relaxed relationships, and healthier conflict resolution.

Through the movements I will give you, you will reshape your fascial system, releasing chronic tension and re-establishing your natural posture. Plus, true physical health enables you to achieve your other goals by staying focused and in the moment. On my site, you will learn more about my story and the diverse influences that contributed to my work and philosophy.

Growing and accessing your physical awareness will not only re-invigorate your body, but will have a positive impact on every sphere of your life. I invite you to reach out and schedule a personal session with me to begin this life-changing work.

I do that guiding them through simple movements sessions and guided relaxations, to gently allow them to feel their physical body and its ergonomics. already in the first sessions they understand what is impeding them to be as tall as they can, present, receptive, and at ease with others.

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